Curriculum Overview
Curriculum Overview
 Throughout the course of Second Grade, the students will be introduced to a number of new concepts and disciplines.  Here is a brief overview
of the content areas we will be studying this year.

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Franklin Regional



     In Second Grade, as well as the rest of the district, we use a hands on approach to teaching science.  The units we have designed are all inquiry based approaches to learning.  "Inquiry is an approach to learning that involves a process of exploring the natural or material world, that leads to asking questions and making discoveries in the search for new understandings."

     Based on the tenants of ScienceWISE and the Pennsylvania state standards, our second grade science curriculum provides students with the opportunity to view themselves as scientists in the process of learning.  Students accept an invitation to learn and readily engage in the learning process. The students are provided with the opportunity to conduct a variety of independent labs based on the scientific process and extend their base knowledge concepts of the applications of science.  Students, through the use of FERA, Science and Technology for Children, and through a constructivist approach, are given the opportunity to explore the scientific process to enhance their connection of science with other real life and academic applications.

                                                        FRSD Second Grade Curriculum


 A study of the properties and characteristics of three soil components. They explore the relationship between soils, roots, and plants.

                                             NRSC STC

                                             FRSD Second Grade Curriculum

Balancing and Weighing

 Students expand their understanding of the relationship between balance and weight as they explore activities in balancing, comparing, and weighing.

                                                        NRSC STC

                                                        FRSD Second Grade Curriculum


Students will study the basic landforms and earth history and identify changes in living things over time.  Students wil also identify similarities and differences of living things over time.

                                             FRSD Second Grade Curriculum


Students will study the history of a magnet and the properties of magnet types.  Throughout the unit students will test basic magnetic properties of force and motion. 

                                             FRSD Second Grade Curriculum



This course is designed to factilitate the mastery of PA State Mathematics Standards, which were derived from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Principles and Standards of Mathematics. The third and fifth grade objectives were written according to the third and fifth grade PA State Mathematics Standards. Since there are no specific first, second, and fourth grade objectives in the PA State Mathematics Standards, we used the third and fifth grade objectives to develop and align the objectives for first, second, and fourth grades so that a meaningful progression for mastery of the concepts was established.

                                                       FRSD Second Grade Curriculum


We follow the Franklin Regional School District Curriculum.  This the foundation of our program and we use written materials and manipulatives from many companies as well as teacher generated materials.  Each of the concepts we teach are formally measured with district approved common math assessments.  The following is a list of the concepts we will teach throughout the school year.  You can view the grade's objectives in more detail by referencing a copy in the Heritage Library.

Basic Addition and Subtraction: Math addition and subtraction facts up to 18

                                           Multi-digit addition and subtraction

Numbers, Number Systems and Relationships

Regrouping:  Addition and subtraction

Place Value

Money:  Counting money, giving change

Time:  To the fifth minute



Linear Measurement

Data Anlaysis and Probability

Algebraic Reasoning

Problem Solving:  Problem solving is ongoing throughout the school year



Social Studies


The Social Studies curriculum is driven by the PA Academic Standards for History, Geography, Economics and Civics and Government.


Overall, social studies is a subject for your second grader to experience, explore and enjoy as they prepare for more in-depth topics to be studied in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade.  Social Studies is a participation grade on the current report card.

Course Outline


Civics and Government:  Students explore ideas such as laws and rules in communities and schools, patriotism, personal rights and responsibilities, and respect of property and the opinion of others.


History:  A large part of this concept deals with exploring holidays and celebrations around the world.  This is ongoing throughout the year.  Students also examine changes that have occurred in our country in communities and families.  Chronological awareness is developed throughout the course of study.


Economics:  Students go through a curriculum that defines for them a basic understanding of economics in communities.  The 5 key points of study are scarcity, opportunity cost, consumption, production, and interdependence.


Geography:  Students identify basic geographic tools like maps and globes while studying places and regions locally and worldwide.  Students study human and physical characteristics of these places and their type of political units. 



Reading:  Harcourt Storytown Series