Math/Science Collaborative


Mrs. Megan K. Sheehy Melucci



Click on the following link to read about Franklin Regional's top SCIENCE scores in the world!  This article was published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette! scores 4.htm scores 4.htm

Mrs. Melucci was proud to be an active member of the Math/Science Collaborative.  As part of a five year, $18 million grant, the organization assisted in improving science and math education in southwestern Pennsylvania.  The project involves about 143,000 students and 5,000 teachers.  Partners included 40 school districts, four intermediate units, the Carnegie Science Center, RAND Corp. and Carlow, Chatham, St. Vincent, and Robert Morris University.

Mrs. Melucci believes in a hands-on, inquiry approach to science teaching.  Students become scientists as they actively engage in process focused labs and activities.  Science success opens many doors to future learning.

Thanks to parental support, grants, and the extraordinary efforts of Heritage Building principals: Mr. King, Mrs. Gillen, Mrs. Shaneyfelt, and Mr. Buffone Heritage's Science Lab is a integral part of Mrs. Melucci's and Heritage Elementary's science classes.  Students are fortunate to have a space dedicated to their science experiences. 

Mrs. Melucci continuously writes grants for science supplies.  The Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh, Alliance for Career Education, Heritage P.T.O., and PPG Industries are some of the organizations responsible for funding very important grants that provide numerous resources for our K-5 science teachers.

Mrs. Melucci is the Science Curriculum Coordinator for students in grades K-5 in the FR School District.  She learned how to teach science in a meaningful way from her mentor, Mr. Tom Pearson. 

Science is Everywhere!