Accelerated Math

Mrs. Lynn

     Hello, and welcome to Accelerated Math.  I am the 5th grade accelerated math teacher as well as one of the elementary gifted coordinators.  Math has always been my favorite subject, and I love teaching it first thing every morning. I hope to provide challenging and meaningful experiences to all of my students this year.
     I will update the "Unit Standards and Assignments" page at the beginning of each unit. I will include unit standards, graded assignment due dates, quiz/test dates, and class cancellations due to special programming.  I rarely give homework, but on the occasion that I do, I will post it there as well.  Students will have homework if classroom work was not completed each day as expected.  Throughout each unit, students will work at his/her own pace at the level appropriate for him/her.  I pretest at the beginning of the year, and flex group based on strength and need.  Some students may be working individually or with a partner to complete an enrichment project while others are meeting with me in small group to master a skill.  These groups may change weekly or by unit.

     Remember to check out the online textbook at for extra practice, video tutorials and more. There is also a link for my Delicious site on the sidebar.  "Mrs. Lynn's Delicious Site" contains links to math games, skill review, tutorials, videos and more. 

     Please contact me by phone or email if you have any questions!