Kindergarten Information

Sight Word Folders:
Sight word folders will be sent home for practice each week.  They will go home on Monday and must be returned on Friday each week for me to check how the students are doing.  If all words are read correctly, a sticker will be given on the list.  If any words are missed, they will be circled for you to continue to review at home.  A new list will be attached either way, so all students are provided with the current words.  As we move along, we will have review lists to check progress and retention.

What is KidWriting?
It is a method of teaching young children how to express their ideas on paper.  Tools are given through mini-lessons to help them find success at their own individual levels.  It starts with a picture, and writing is added by the child at his/her level.  The process is where the learning takes place, so students are encouraged to help each other with stretching sounds as well as use words around the room, Kid Crowns, and anchor charts. 


Stretching Sounds-Think about the word you're trying to write, and say it slowly to listen for sounds.
ABC charts-Once you hear a sound, use the picture chart to help you write the letter.
Magic Line-If you hear a sound but aren't sure what letter makes it, draw a "Magic Line."
Space Man-He's the Superhero to the rescue when we need help spacing between our words.
Anchor Charts-Lists of words on a topic such as Fall generated by students.  Pictures are added to help students find the word they would like to use in their writing.
Kid Crowns-They are picture clue names for words that can be used in student writing.  They are introduced through a mini-lesson and kept on rings for each table to use during their writing.
*We have learned the following highlighted Kid Crowns: "Eye of my," "Wiz of is," "Sam of am," "King of -ing," "Gent of went," "Buzz of was," "Wiz of is," "Hen of then," "Star of are," "Kiss of this," "Bear of there," "Paw of saw," "Sir of were," "Bat of that"


Example mini-lesson--Modeled writing with student generated spelling.

Student samples: