Behavior Management

The Stoplight Behavior Plan


The purpose of our behavior management system is to curb behavior problems before they escalate, and to visually show students what level of behavior they are displaying within the classroom. In our classroom, we utilize a whole class behavior management system to emphasize and build team work,  as well as individual behavior charts, in order to best communicate how your child is learning and growing in the classroom.  

In terms of whole-class management, we use our "Good Behavior is Treasured" bulletin board to reflect on our class behavior in special areas of the school.  When students are complimented on their behavior in special classes, bathroom breaks, playground activities, or cafeteria visits, they can earn a key.  When they earn enough keys to reach our treasure chest, the chest open to reveal treasures which they can select and take home with them.

Individually, the students will each receive a monthly behavior calendar that comes home with them nightly in their "take-home" folders.  Families review the chart and send it back to school each day.  The chart has the flexibility of changing to fit each student's unique behavioral needs as the school year progresses!  The individual behavior system incorporates the three levels of a traffic stoplight and is based on the same principle. Students are expected to follow the classroom rules and will be responsible for recording their daily behavior on a stoplight sheet by coloring in their light that they have earned for the day.

When a student shows good behavior throughout the day, they will remain on the green light and will be awarded a green smiley on their chart. However, if a student is given several warnings and their behavior does not improve, their name will be moved to the yellow light and they will receive a yellow smiley. When a yellow smiley is given, I will write about the undesired behavior and talk to the student about the reason, as well as ways to fix their behavior. The yellow smiley should serve as a friendly reminder that I am seeing undesirable behavior at school and that I would appreciate your support in curbing this misbehavior. When a child receives a red light and red smiley, a problem occurred during the day that continued beyond the warning stage, or that the behavior harmed another child or himself/herself. At this point, a parent or guardian will be contacted and the incident will be discussed with the child. An explanation for the red card will be written. In order for all of us to stay on the same page, I ask that the behavior chart is reviewed and signed/initialed each night and returned to your child’s folder for the next school day.

If your child does not have their stoplight filled out on a particular day, do not be alarmed. There will be days that are extremely busy, a substitute teacher might be in the room, or the sheet may have been misplaced within his/her book bag.

I have seen much success through the use of this behavior plan. With support from parents, children, administrators and teachers, I expect positive results.