Student of the Week

Each week we will highlight one student. Your child’s week will be the week you signed up at Staggered Start. This is a special week for your child as we focus on them and learn all about them. They bring in special items from home to share them with us. 

 The week before your scheduled week, you will receive two documents, please complete these as they will guide our classroom discussions  The most important part of Student of the Week is the letter written by the parents and/ or family telling the class why your child is so special. We will read these to your child in front of the class as the finale to their week. Everything will be returned, and we recommend that you save your letter to give to your child at their high school graduation. If you can store the letter away that long, it will be a wonderful reminder of where it all began! Send in all of these materials on Monday of your child’s week. We will return them on Friday or the following Monday. Help prepare your child to talk about himself, his family, friends, and pets. Please contact me if you need your child's Student of the Week date.