Visiting Author 2016

Heritage Elementary PTO Presents:


March 30 and 31, 2016

We are excited to welcome the author/illustrator of Dylan’s Day Out, Question Boy Meets Little Miss Know-it-All and other Heritage student favorites.   See the order form below to purchase one of his books.  Your child will have a chance to meet Peter and have his/her book autographed during the visit.

Peter Catalanotto’s Bio

When I was in first grade my mother would take me to the bookmobile on Thursday afternoons. I loved climbing the steps and entering that library on wheels. This was not a direct connection to me wanting to be a writer or illustrator when I grew up but rather a bookmobile driver. I thought this had to be the greatest job in the world. In between answering questions and checking out books for patrons the driver simply sat in a cushioned seat, sipped a soda and read.

I loved books as a child but never imagined writing and illustrating them. By the age of eight I wanted to work as an artist when I grew up but my notion of that was moving to New York City, spending my whole life drawing and painting, slowly starving to death, and then after I was dead, everyone would buy my paintings. It seemed a noble and romantic life but I must admit, I do prefer being able to buy food and talk about my work while I'm alive.

I graduated from Pratt Institute in 1981 and began working as an illustrator for print publications such as Reader's Digest, Family Circle, Woman's Day and American Girl Magazine. In 1984 I began illustrating Young Adult book jackets and after painting the cover for Judy Blume's Just as Long as We're Together in 1987, the editor, Richard Jackson approached me to illustrate a picture book; All I See, written by Cynthia Rylant. When Mr. Jackson noticed I would extend the text with my pictures and bring new ideas to a story, he encouraged me to write my own. I've since published 46 books for children, 16 of which I've written, including Ivan the Terrier, Matthew A. B. C. and Emily's Art. The first of my emerging reader series; Monkey & Robot was released in 2013, followed by More of Monkey & Robot. I've illustrated for some wonderful writers including Mary Pope Osborne, Joanne Ryder, Megan McDonald, George Ella Lyon and Robert Burleigh. Since 1990, I've visited over 1500 elementary schools in 40 states showing students my creative process from inspiration to final book.  I currently teach the first children's book writing course at Columbia University and in 2008, First Lady, Laura Bush commissioned me to illustrate the White House holiday brochure.

The biggest surprise to me about my career is how much I enjoy teaching. After 24 years of school visits I still love being in front of a group of students, whether I'm at an elementary school or my class at Columbia.

My favorite time to read is when I travel for school visits -- in the airplanes, hotels and restaurants. I love the solitude. Although I'm alone in my studio, my quiet time on the road is free of deadlines and chores. I like to beat traffic, arrive at the school early, recline my cushioned car seat, sip coffee and disappear into whatever I'm reading. While my back seat is often strewn with library books, it's not nearly as impressive as a bookmobile -- but I really do enjoy my job.

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money_robot_cover_smdylans_day_outSample CoverIvan the Terrierdaisy_123


On March 30 and 31, your children will be meeting author and illustrator, Peter Catalanotto. During his presentations, he will share with the students how he is initially inspired by a project and walk them all the way through to the finished paintings. When Peter is illustrating someone else’s text, he hopes to extend the words by adding new ideas into the art.  “My pictures stray from the words, but not from the story.” In addition to discussing where he gets his ideas, and how he develops them, Mr. Catalanotto will also draw for the children.


If you wish to purchase books, to be autographed to your child or as a gift to someone else, please complete the form below. Please make payment to Heritage Elementary PTO. Deadline for orders is February 29.




The Newbies (new release- hardcover)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$14.40

Luke is used to having Mom and Dad all to himself, to play soccer and build forts with. But now that they are expecting a new baby, they always are too tired or too busy to play. So Luke dreams of having new parents to play with—the newbies! His new parents have all the time in the world for Luke, but some things just aren’t quite the way new Dad’s pancakes are different, and how new Mom doesn’t cut sandwiches into triangles. Getting all the attention is wonderful, but Luke wonders if perhaps his original parents are still the best parents for him!


Question Boy Meets Little Miss Know It All  (hardcover)--------------------------------------------------------------$14.40

Question Boy wants answers. He lives for them. But none of the town’s action heroes—Oil Man, Paperboy, Police Woman—can satisfy Question Boy’s heroic need to know! Enter Little Miss Know-It-All. She has an answer for every who-what-where-when-and-how…and what she doesn’t know she simply makes up. And what about you? Ready for a wrangle? Keen on a quibble? Then come along to the town park to cheer the two of them on!


Ivan the Terrier  (hardcover)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$13.60

Several bedtime stories are interrupted by a feisty Jack Russell Terrier who is looking for playmates. Children will laugh as classic fairy-tales are turned upside down by a little dog with a big bark.


Dylan’s Day Out  (paperback)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$  6.40

Dylan, a bored dalmation, steals outside to freedom one morning. While galloping towards country meadows, he is upended by a soccer ball....Dylan ends up tending goal for the Penguins and leads them to victory.


Kitten Red, Yellow, Blue (hardcover)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$14.40

Sixteen calico kittens -- the number of colors in a crayon box. Their mother, Sophie, knows one from another...but how do you think Mrs. Tuttle tells those kittens apart?


Daisy 1,2,3 (hardcover) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$14.40

Sixteen calico kittens -- the number of colors in a crayon box. Their mother, Sophie, knows one from another...but how do you think Mrs. Tuttle tells those kittens apart? Peter Catalanotto's sequel to his Matthew A.B.C. and Daisy 1, 2, 3 invites long looking, counting, and laughing!


Matthew A.B.C.  (paperback)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 6.40       

A new child named Matthew enters Mrs. Tuttle’s class, which already has 25 other students with the same name.


Mr. Mumble (paperback) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 6.40

“The success of this book hinges on the element of surprise and the humor readers find in Mr. Mumble's strange predicament: he awakens one morning with a mysterious throat complaint that results in a series of miscommunications and unbidden results. Intending to buy a dozen bagels he receives a dozing beagle, a panda bear instead of a pound of pears etc....Impressive" School Library Journal


Emily’s Art  (paperback) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 6.40

"What a gorgeous painting," exclaimed the judge of Ms. Fair's first-grade art contest. "What a beautiful rabbit!" For Emily, the words are a shock. Her painting is of her dog, Thor. Not a rabbit. But instead of thinking: What's wrong with this judge? Emily takes the words, and the judgment, to heart. Just as she takes her art.



Monkey & Robot (paperback)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 4.80

Monkey and Robot are friends—the best kind. They simply belong together, and it never matters that silly Monkey is furry, or that kind Robot can rust. What matters is their sharing: movies and popcorn, games of hide-and-seek, a fish tank for…a hippopotamus?


More Monkey Boy & Robot (paperback) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$ 4.80

Monkey and Robot are the best of friends—and they have the best of adventures! This chapter book includes four (more!) playful stories. Monkey always gets in the wildest of messes. And Robot is always there to help him out. After all, what are best friends for? “Readers looking for funny friendship stories but who think that Frog and Toad and other early readers are a tad too easy will find this unlikely duo just right,” says Horn Book Magazine about the Monkey and Robot series.