Fun Music Websites and Apps

Websites: - “Standard of Excellence, Book 1” recordings and accompaniments for play-along at home.
- Teaching tool for all woodwind, brass, string, and percussion instruments. The website provides explanations of various instrument techniques, as well as helpful audio and video demonstrations. - This site combines art and music! Students can create their own music by drawing designs on a matrix grid. Students may also add drum beats and audio effects to enhance their melody. - Easy-to-use website that allows students to create their own drum set beats and then export the audio to share with friends.
 - Flash-based program for learning and practicing rhythm. , , , - All four sites are very different, yet they all provide students with the tools needed to write their own music. “Hooktheory” is a color-coded program for simple melody and harmony writing. “Soundation” is a recording studio at your fingertips. It contains hundreds of audio and MIDI files that students can mix together to form a new track. “Noteflight” resembles traditional music notation software, but contains the added feature of seeing and sharing compositions with all Noteflight users. "Flat" is a web-based notation tool that allows students to invite friends to work together on a music composition. , - Both websites provide detailed explanations of music fundamentals, as well as invaluable exercises that improve note recognition and ear training.

Android Music Apps:


Best Metronome – Free metronome - keeps a steady beat for practice at home.

DaTuner Lite - Free tuner for intonation accuracy.

Music Trainer, Music Flashcards, Music Tutor Sight Read – Fun games that improve note reading proficiency.

Simply Music – Based on the card game, “Memory,” this game improves note recognition. There are four levels of difficulty, and you can select if you want to pair up note to note or note to letter name. You can also select between treble and bass clef.

Perfect Ear 2 – Exercises that include interval comparison, rhythm reading, and pitch training to name a few. Students can use the standard tests or create a custom test.

iPhone/iPad/iPod Music Apps:

Steinway MetronomeMetroTimer – Free metronome apps - keeps a steady beat for practice at home.

GarageBand - Virtual instruments, audio loops, and a recording studio all in one.

MadPad - Turn everyday sights and sounds into the ultimate percussive instrument.

Loopy HD - Layer looped recordings of playing an instrument, singing, or beatboxing to create a new piece.

Recorder - Allows students to record, listen back, and share their playing.

Auxy, Beat Wave - Electronic music making apps for melody and beat development.

Blob Chorus Ear Training - Improves a student's musical ear. Each of the blobs in the chorus sing a note, and then king blob sings his note. The aim of the game is to identify the blob that sang the same note as king blob.

Ear Trainer – Exercises that review intervals, chords, and scales.

Tuner LiteFree tuner for intonation accuracy.

Rhythm Pad
, DM1 - The Drum Machine - Touch-sensitive drum apps

Rhythm Swing, Rhythm Cat - Games for learning and practicing rhythms.

Staff Wars, Flashnote Derby, NoteWorksFun games that improve note reading proficiency.

The Drummer's Dictionary – Reference tool for drummers of any age or experience with 40 standard snare drum rudiments.

Virtuoso Piano 3 Free, iGrand Piano, Piano DX, Piano Mania V2 – High quality piano apps.

Flute/Clarinet/Saxophone/Horn/Trumpet/Trombone/Baritone/Tuba Racer - Games designed to improve note recognition through car racing! Students  will race to the finish line and unlock new cars by playing the correct notes on their instruments.