Picking “Just the Right Reading”

Picking “Just the Right Reading”

When trying to pick just the right reading for a student look for something they are interested in as well as something that they can decode (sound the words out) and comprehend (understand what they’ve read). 

To figure out if the reading you’ve picked is “just right", use the Five Finger Rule:

  • If the student can read the whole page with no mistakes or problems, it may be too easy.

  • If the student reads the page and has 1-2 errors, it may still be a little easy for them, but is in the realm of acceptable choice.

  • If the student reads the page and has 2-3 errors but can still understand what they’ve read, this is the best choice for their reading level to keep them at a pace of independently reading while still working towards gaining better skills and vocabulary.

  • If the student reads the page and has 4-5 errors this may be moving out of their comfort zone and is too difficult.

  • Anything above 5 errors and/or that they do not understand the content of what they’ve read is too difficult or frustrating and is not the best choice at this time.